What HECI’s about

The Higher Education Community of Inquiry (HECI) has been established to facilitate discussion on issues concerning higher education.

This website contributes to this aim by providing a space for discussion, collecting relevant resources such as articles and recordings of talks, and a calendar of events. We hope it helps people become and stay both informed and connected.

Here you can start or participate in discussions, read or contribute blog posts, share relevant articles/podcasts/videos/etc., find out about events and meetings we’re holding and generally engage with the wide world of ‘issues in higher education’.

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What we’ve been up to

  • New Team & Summary of 2015’s Achievements

    This is a handover blog post to summarise the year’s achievements and introduce our new team… So what’s happened? Well first off we formed – no easy feat! Contacting students and academics, cultivating interest and maintaining engagement were the first steps we took. We’re happy to say that our community has grown steadily; events have been well attended and we’veRead More »
  • The beginnings of HECI

    This is an introductory blog post that explains a bit about the history, aims, motivations and ethos of HECI. By way of a quick introduction: I’m Anna, I’m currently in my third year studying English and Philosophy at the University of Bristol (UoB) and myself and a friend and course peer (on the English side), Harriet, are the ‘original founders’Read More »