The Higher Education Community of Inquiry (HECI) has been created to facilitate discussion on issues in higher education.

Recent changes in higher education have elicited protests, strikes, and boycotts from pockets of concerned groups of people. But, for whatever reason, a significant majority of people affected by these changes don’t seem to be having a say. So let’s talk about it!

A few things to know about HECI:

  • We’re a grassroots movement committed to getting people talking. We’re not a protest group – we’re a platform for discussion.
  • We believe in being an informed opinion first and a loud voice second. Our primary aim is to develop understanding and engage with the issues facing higher education.
  • We also believe in the importance the social and communal dimension of learning – hence community of inquiry. We’re University of Bristol based, student-led and, importantly, inclusive. We aim at bringing together university staff, students, alumni and anyone else who is interested.

About this website

Here you can start or participate in discussions, read or contribute blog posts, share relevant articles/podcasts/videos/etc., find out about events and meetings we’re holding and generally engage with the wide world of ‘issues in higher education’.

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